• Doing material & energy balance for sulphuric acid plant based upon sulphur burning or metallurgical SO2 gas feed. Stream details & their physical properties are generated using this software. DCDA as well as Single contact sulphuric acid plants can be designed/simulated. Product mix optimization can be done using this software and corresponding plant parameters can also be evaluated.
  • Evaluating steam generation, power generation, pressure drop calculations, heat loss calculations.
  • This software also simulates conditions involving mixing of various process streams like acid-water, oleum-acid, oleum-water, gas-air, air/gas-steam and does necessary calculations for resulting process streams.
  • Design/simulation of all the equipment in a sulphuric acid plant. Equipments that can be designed or simulated using this software are:

    • Heat exchangers of all kinds used in sulphuric acid plant like shell & tube gas-gas heat exchangers, waste heat boiler, finned tube economizer & super-heater, shell & tube acid/oleum coolers, oleum boilers, condensers etc. Heat exchangers for services other than those found in sulphuric acid plant can also be designed or simulated.
    • Absorption Towers like drying tower inter-pass absorption tower, final absorption tower, oleum towers. Various performance parameters like mass transfer coefficient, pressure drop, flooding velocity, packing height etc. are calculated using this software.
    • Convertor/Reactor for sulphuric acid plants. Catalyst loading and pressure drop for specified conversion in each pass is calculated. Alternatively conversion in each bed for a given catalyst loading is also calculated.
  • Generating temperature profile of shell & tube heat exchanger tubes. Temperature profile graphs can be generated and printed, for various tube rows, baffle sections.
  • Calculation of acid dew point, air psychometric calculations.

This software has been developed using popular rapid application development software "Delphi" for computers operating on Windows platform. The architecture of this software is based upon object oriented programming technology. Various plant process streams and equipment have been modeled as objects, encapsulating process data and equipment behaviors.