Product Mix Design

This is used for arriving at various product mix which is feasible for given plant conditions. Before starting Product Mix Design, it is required that be done first. Product Mix Design will give the stream and plant parameters to be maintained for specified product mix.

Sulphuric Software Interface Screenshot - Product Mix Design Decisions
Product Mix Design Decisions

Stream Details

This page displays the stream details and allows them to be copied into a text file or print them.

Stream Properties

This page will display physical properties of all the plant streams. All the displayed items could be saved into a text file or printed also.

Export Data

This is used to send the data to a text file to be used by AutoCAD for making Process Flow Diagram and Material Energy Diagrams.

Export PFD Data

Exports stream data in Process Flow Diagram format.

Export MED Data

Exports stream data in Material Energy Diagram format.

Convertor Module

This module pertains to the Convertor design and simulation for SO2 oxidation to SO3.

Sulphuric Software Interface Screenshot - Convertor Design
Convertor Design

Convertor Editor

This will open the convertor editor if not already open otherwise switch to it.

Catalyst Loading

This will calculate the amount of catalyst required for specified conversion in each pass. Pressure drop also is calculated in each pass and can be seen by (Examining the stream details. :Stream Data)

Conversion Simulation

This will calculate the conversion possible in each pass for specified amount of catalyst loading in each pass. Pressure drop also is calculated in each pass and can be seen by Examining the stream details.


This module pertains to design/simulation of various absorption towers.

Packed Height Calculation

After entering all the data this is used to calculate the packed height required and pressure drop in packing.

Absorber performance simulation

For a specified amount of packed height this will give the outlet streams and pressure drop.

Concentration Profile

This will generate the data for concentration profile in the absorption tower along the height of packing.

Copy Stream

This copies the current stream onto the clipboard.

Cut Stream

This cuts the current stream and places it on the clipboard.

Paste Stream

This will insert the stream from clipboard at current place.

Mark as First Stream

Current stream is marked as first stream. This is used when marking streams for heat exchanger, absorber, heat balance, adding streams etc.

Mark as Second Stream

Current stream is marked as second stream. This stream is used as other stream for heat exchangers, adding streams etc.

Add Streams

Two marked streams are added and resulting stream placed at current cell.


Two marked streams are exchanged.

Heat Balance

After marking first stream in a set of four streams for inlet, outlet of cold and hot fluids, this heat balance is done.


This calculates the saturation vapour pressure of stream and pressure is set to that value.

Saturation Temperature

This calculates the saturation temperature of stream and temperature of stream is to that value.

Compute Temperature

This calculates the temperature of stream corresponding to the current enthalpy value of the stream.

Compute Enthalpy

This calculates the enthalpy of the stream at the current temperature.

Heat Balance

In the stream editor itself you can do the heat balance. For doing the heat balance you, place the 4 streams viz.
- Hot/cold inlet stream
- Hot/cold outlet stream
- Cold/hot inlet stream
- Cold/hot outlet stream in four subsequent rows

Then select the beginning row containing 4 streams. You can do heat balance of these 4 streams by pressing "H" button on tool bar or from pop-up menu. For doing the heat balance, leave the parameter to be calculated as zero e.g. if you want to calculate inlet or outlet temperature of any stream, then leave the temperature of that stream as zero. If you want to calculate flow rate then leave the flow rate of inlet stream (hot or cold) as zero. You can set the heat loss percent to be used from pop-up menu. Default value is set at 3%.